Explore holes 1-6

Below are the details of each of the holes at Occoneechee. Click on the video on the right for a cart's eye view of each hole. Included are tips on how to maximise your score. | Holes 1-6 Below | Holes 7-12 | Holes13-18 |



A straightforward, slight dog leg right opening hole with plenty of fairway. Keep the ball on the left handside for a short pitch to the green. For the big hitters this green can be reached with a long drive.

Tip: Beware when there is a back pin placement as the green slopes front to back. A second shot played too long can easily roll off the back of the green.


A medium length hole requiring an accurate tee shot. Ideally the drive should favor the middle right side. A shot hit too far left will require a tricky second shot into the green.

Tip: Beware the water over the green.


The first of our par 3s is a relatively straightforward hole with two bunkers, one at the back which rarely comes into play. However, beware the front left bunker which is deep and will test your sand shots should you be unfortunate enough to land in there.

Tip: Green is downhill from the back so always try and stay under the flag for an uphill putt.


The fourth hole requires a very accurate tee shot. The hole slopes downhill and towards the water. It is 240 yards to reach from the white tees. Keep tee shot on the right side to ensure a short iron to the green. There are no bunkers around the green.

Tip: Tee shot requires a gentle fade away from the water to set up a birdie scoring opportunity.



Don't be fooled by the length of this par 5. It requires two very accurate and long shots to reach in two. The smart play is a long iron, hybrid or 5 wood with a gentle draw to get around the corner to set up a 200 yard plus second to the green.

Tip: If you are laying up with your second shot, keep it to the left as the fairway slopes towards the right hand trees.


The toughest hole on the course with water all around and out of bounds over the creek on the left. Ideal drive would be right side. This will still leave you with a long to medium iron second over the water.

Tip: Beware the sucker pin position left and front. Middle of the green is always a good second shot.